ERP Solution

WaterERP is helping business owners and warehouse managers to save precious time and boost revenue. With its comprehensive back-end system intended for both small businesses as well as global wholesalers, WaterERP allows users to balance their creativity and passion with business and operations, giving them the best of both worlds. With this tool, your business too can boost productivity, automate processes, and remain engaged with customers.

There are many reasons to consider WaterERP as a complete inventory management solution, in particular the fact that this system doesn’t only track stock availability, but depicts trends relevant for any business to understand what it can do to optimize the assets it possesses. At the same time, WaterERP enables accounting, invoicing, order management, sales, and reporting, and integrates with many prominent systems to extend its functionality in other directions.

The core of WaterERP’s functionality is not a superpower, but a carefully designed and neat interface where users manage inventory using smart point-and-click technologies. All items and products are displayed in a comprehensive catalog, and each product has its own page for the manager to track details such as stock availability. Among other things, product pages display retail and wholesale prices, tax options, barcodes, quantities, and stock keeping units, but can also be customized to track specific metrics relevant to the user. The idea is to monitor each product’s purchase history, and obtain intelligence such as sales spikes and unexpected drops. As an experienced retailer, you will appreciate the possibility to forecast and optimize your inventory, and automate replenishment upon demand modifications.

Recently, the company introduced a brand new Batch and Expiry Tracking feature for users to trace products through their sales order records and to speed up their recall processes. This feature will not only help manage recalls, but also improve customer relationships, reduce discounting and spoilage, enjoy better product traceability, and maintain the optimal First In First Out method of inventory management.

WaterERP does a considerably good job managing orders and sales, as it automates all processes from order to quote. Once the deal is closed, the same application can be triggered to send invoices and monitor payments in real time. The developers considered even the need to track semi-fulfilled orders and requests, in particular such delayed because of unavailable inventory: once the product is back in stock, the order process is immediately resumed. The e-commerce channels supported by WaterERP will provide insights about any product to any sales agent on the field, as the centralized inventory base eliminates the needs to check various apps and channels to confirm that a product is available. As we already mentioned, WaterERP comes with an exceptional Alerts & Notifications system that keeps all team members on the same page regardless of where they are. What is also good to know is that this system supports multiple currencies.

On top of that, WaterERP is a reliable analytic system, where managers can draft both standard and custom reports, including ones that are not scheduled, and such that are automatically generated upon drastic stock modifications. Basically, WaterERP allows you to customize reports, and include all metrics you believe are relevant to your business.